Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sorry It's Been So Long!

So I realize I haven't been on in a really long time. I could blame it on work, but that's only the half truth. I just haven't been in the mood to write. I finally got to MEPS back in April, just to be told that I was disqualified because of not having a waiver for my allergies and for my knee. I also have to go in for psych evaluation because I'm arachnophobic. Still I'm working out and doing my best to keep a positive out look on life. I sent in the first two waivers, now I just have to set up an appointment with the psychologist. After that I hope it's home free for me.

I've met this guy though. He makes me smile just by hearing his voice. Kansas is a far place, but long distance doesn't scare me. We've Skyped and we tend to talk on the phone more than we text, which is a plus. He's in the Air Force himself, and was trying to help answer any questions I had pertaining to the Air Force at first. But things started getting personal and we're just talking as friends now. But he has been deployed. Where to and for how long I haven't a clue. I haven't heard from him in close to a month now. I did, however, paint a portrait of him and I want to send/give it to him. It's hard to believe that he and I have been talking now for almost 3 months. It's been a long time since I've smiled and laughed the way he makes me smile and laugh and I'm not entirely ready to give that up. We're not seeing each other, so I don't expect to be told anything really about his whereabouts or be contacted on a regular basis. I know he's safe and that's all I can ask for.

Hopefully I'll be on here more often. I'm starting up writing my book again. It feels awesome to just feel the urge to write what comes to mind. The characters have been pushed to the back of my mind for a long time now and they are starting to push their way forward with new thoughts and new antics that need to be recorded. They're really coming it life.