Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well I'm back. The week at the OBX was amazing. The people I got to spend the week with were a great bunch of people. I met a 5 really nice people and I can't wait to do this again. The first day was one of the worst days though for the ocean. The waves knocked the crap out of me and I couldn't stand without the undertow taking me a good way down the beach. The next day wasn't much better. I even got 6 miles of running in on the beach. There were little to no sea shells and made running better/easier on my feet. The third day though was the best. The water was calm and I got to actually get in to the water. Unfortunately, because of this wonderful calm in the water I got burnt to a nicely cooked lobster. Sleeping became impossible and thus fell asleep in a sitting position in a lawn chair on one of the 3 decks of the house the next day. Dearest Jared and Logan decided to make fun of me and make a video of it. If I can I'll get a hold of it and keep it. Just because it's funny to watch. I can actually say that I'm happy that the AC broke in the downstairs area and that I had a room with 3 extra beds. Those two made my living quarters really interesting. Especially when the three of us started to drink. Camels came up in the conversations and I'm not entirely sure how or why. But laughter and late nights were definitely a must with those two. Hell I'd just go out to the beach again or anywhere with those two characters. They are so funny and had me rolling on the floor with side stitches. By the last day of the vacation I can honestly say that I was ready to come home, but I knew that I was going to miss being with everyone. Here's to the good times and many more to come with friends and family. I'm not sure when I'll be able to take another vacation with these people because of joining the Air Force, but I know that when I can I will. Once I get pictures I'll load them. My camera died and I have to wait on everyone else to get my pictures now :/

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