Sunday, September 23, 2012

Virtute Alisque (On wings with Courage)

Virtute Alisque (On wings with Courage)

I feel like I should hate you just as much as I did everyone else,
but I can't bring myself to do so.
I've made myself sick, literally,
trying to forget you and the pain,
and yet I can't seem to shake you.
You are a poison within my blood,
a drug more potent than love,
burning me alive.
We’re bad for each other,
yet good for no one else.
I’ll never be good enough to be someone’s someone
as long as the heat within me continues to engulf all common sense and reason,
wringing love from my fettered heart.
Ease the pain, and let me let go.
Stop coming back to me looking for more
when I have nothing more to give. I gave you my heart, body and soul,
but that wasn’t good enough for you.
You didn’t trust me the way that I trusted you.
You didn’t believe in me the way that I needed you to,
the way you said you did.
Everything was a lie. And I believed you.
I want to hate you, but in reality,
I still miss you, I still love you, and I still need you.
I need to let you go, I need to be set free, but most of all
I need you to let me be.

I’m tired of holding on, knowing I’m second best.
I know things haven't always been the greatest,
but I do know that things are looking up.
You might have put me down,
but I have the courage, the strength, and the will power
to get back up and fight on.
Life is good. Virtute Alisque.
On wings with courage I will fly higher than I’ve ever imagined.
I have the strength and will power of a proud woman
and I will fight. Fight the poison and the pain,
forgive the lies and forget the hate.
It’s because of you that I am this way.
You are forgiven but not forgotten.
I’ve been fractured but never broken.

Felicia M. Weitoish  9/15/12

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