Monday, December 10, 2012

A Broken Vow

I've broken a promise this day.
You asked me to promise that I
would be there, with a smile,
a hug and kiss for the one I love.
For the one I miss.
I promised to be there when you came home.
To be there when you got off that bus.
To be the first person you laid eyes on again...
after seven long months.
My heart is heavy for I long to be with you.
To be there standing out in the cold waiting for you.
Waiting to feel your arms embrace me, your lips meeting mine.
But I am here and not there because you are no longer mine.
I loved you then. I love you still, and I know that I forever will.
You let me go, no reason why. You broke my heart and for a month I cried.
I missed you then, when you left my side,
boarding that plane with a tear in our eyes.
I missed you then and often wondered and worried.
I miss you now, and you need to know,
I never meant to break that vow.

~ Felicia M. Weitoish 12/8/12

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